Ladyfest Bellingham

I recently received an e-mail from the lovely folks organizing Ladyfest Bellingham in Washington State. Jenn asks:

Are there any rad bands in your neck of the woods who are planning West Coast tours for the summer?  Ladyfest is going to be June 17-20, and we’d love to get some touring bands from outside of the NW onto our line-up.  If you hear of anything, could you pass the word along for us?  Our contact info is:

So if any of you are in aforementioned rad bands that are planning on touring in June, get in touch at the above links! And of course, please spread the word.

For the Birds launches Big Cartel store!

For the Birds member Lauren has recently built us a Big Cartel store! Hopefully this will make it easier folks to order compilations from us. There is a link in the distro section as well. Right now our stock consists of FTB-001 through FTB-003: The Big She-Bang, Gimme Cooties, and Best of the Nest. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

12th Annual Women’s History Conference at Sarah Lawrence College!

THE MESSAGE IS IN THE MUSIC is a 2-day event on Friday March 5th and Saturday March 6th at Sarah Lawrence College in the Monika A. and Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Visual Arts Center.  This conference is so exciting because it incorporates a mix of many different feminist narratives and viewpoints, touching on race, sexuality, gender, and culture.  For the Birds partially grew out of a response to the sexism we experienced in the NYC Do It Yourself punk scene, so it will be exciting for us to hear about similar narratives from folks on the front lines of feminism and musical culture.  We are also super excited to see our own Kate Wadkins moderate the panel on Riot Grrrl!  We will be tabling on Saturday March 6th, so check out the schedule below if you are interested!  Map and directions can be found here.


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