The Big She-Bang 5: Call for Participants!

The Big She-Bang is an annual event that takes place every August. It was originally the brain child of the Long Island Womyn’s Collective, an amazing group which included several current For the Birds members. This will be the third year that the Big She-Bang takes place in New York City and we hope you can join us!!

We are currently working out the logistics of the event, and will post more details as it comes together. If you want to explore, brainstorm, or dialogue about a way you would like to participate, please get in touch to collaborate with us!

Our theme for this year reflects and builds upon a lot of the experiences we have had organizing among ourselves and in collaboration with other people and groups in New York.  As a group of womyn-identified organizers, we quickly found that our socialization often left us ill-equipped to communicate authentically with each other. It was often difficult to talk through disagreements, to balance participation and tasks among members, and to form meaningful alliances with other feminist groups.

Since the Big She-Bang IV in August of 2009, we have been working to develop frameworks that help us to use conflict for growth, to challenge each other in a caring and patient way, and to explore our privileges, oppression, and the diversity of experiences that makes a group so powerful.

At the same time, we have been continually inspired and motivated in this process by the insightful and daring feminist communications all around us: whether through music, writing, speech, art or social justice projects that have tremendous impact on improving peoples’ quality of life and challenging the system.

We have learned that engaging with the task of communication is required by our quest for empowerment. Thus, this year’s Big She-Bang seeks to acknowledge, explore and celebrate this task within and across feminisms.