Mira Schor: A Feminist Tea Party

image courtesy of Huffington Post

Feminist artist & art critic Mira Schor just blogged at the Huffington Post about A Feminist Tea Party‘s “Ask Me, I Will Tell,” a panel that featured Lauren Denitzio of For the Birds, among other feminist creatives. It is a great and hopeful article about feminists artists and art practices now:

This event had personal meaning for me: I’ve been involved with feminism since, as a graduate student, I was a participant in the CalArts Feminist Art Program and its legendary Womanhouse project. But I’ve often felt quite lonely in the intervening years, particularly since the 1990s. Women artists of my own generation remained steadfast in its politics, but young women artists would frequently tell me that feminism wasn’t necessary anymore because everything was fine, there were no more problems, they had every opportunity. Phrases such as “I’m a feminist but,” or “I’m not a feminist artist,” or “I don’t want to be considered as a woman artist” were so frequent as to become a kind of running joke, although it seemed pretty clear that if being considered a feminist or a woman artist was so dangerous that you would avoid it at any cost, then clearly there was still a problem.

But in recent years something has changed. Crocuses are blooming through the snow cover in the winter garden. Younger women again seem to be interested in feminism. They have entered an art world and art education influenced by conceptual art and others 1960s and 70s movements and by more recent movements such as Relational Aesthetics that encourage the construction of sociality and community as art and where more fluid art identifications pertain: artists feel free to draw on performance art, data presentation, political analysis, and traditional crafts, and to shift from showing in high art spaces to working in situations located outside the artworld.

Be sure to check out the full article, with a nod to our Bird Lauren, here!

FTB’s Mega Bird-day Thursday!

Thursday, February 10th is huge for us Birds! For the Birds members will simultaneously be involved in three events this Thursday.

10AM-8PM:  ARCH collective presents Common Time

10AM-12PM:  Ask Me, I will Tell, a panel conversation “addressing ways gender is performed among artist and curatorial collectives today.”

7:30PM-9PM: Teen Zine Workshop for 12 to 18 year-olds

Teen Program: Zine Workshop
7:30 pm
McManus Room
Middle School age and up

Westport Public Library
Arnold Bernhard Plaza
20 Jesup Road
Westport, CT 06880

Attention writers and music lovers! Blogging got you down? Tired of merely expressing yourself through Facebook status updates? Take your talent to print by learning how to edit, layout and print your own zine. Kate Wadkins, co-editor of The International Girl Gang Underground Zine and Kate Angell, blogger and librarian at Sarah Lawrence College will lead a discussion of the medium’s history in relation to underground music and DIY culture and will then help get you started on making your own.

Materials will be provided. Just bring your ideas and enthusiasm!

Admission: Free (but space is limited). Register at: http://westportzine.eventbrite.com/

Co-sponsored with Toquet Hall.

For more info: Westport Library or Toquet Hall

Molly Allis’s “Pilgrim”

The fire escape outside of my kitchen window serves as a meeting ground for Mourning Doves, where they sit and sing their ooAAH cooo coo coo requiem for me while I drink my coffee or work on some writing. It’s our morning routine. Or rather, our mourning routine. Anyway, today when I sat down to write this blog post, I put on Molly Allis’s new album “Pilgrim.” One of the doves, a regular who I’ve been studying the past few mornings, hopped on the window sill and looked at me with one black beady eye shadowed in baby blue. I turned the music up and she stared right back at me and sang out. Now, I don’t mean to get all woo-woo on you or anything, but I’m pretty sure she was singing along to these jams!

Molly Allis

“Pilgrim” is a concept album that tells the story of a girl journeying to the kingdom of the heart and, in the process, learns about healing herself and others around her (and isn’t this what we’re all working towards?) Molly uses a variety of instruments to tell this charming story, and does so beautifully. My favorite tracks include “The Void,” “Death/Sunrise” and “Oh, Great Mother!” The music swells in and out; louder drum-driven songs melt into the quiet of violins and banjos while Molly’s voice remains a powerful and consistent force. The journey, you see, will always be one of ups and downs.

You can listen to and/or buy “Pilgrim” on Molly’s website here!

Molly is not only a musician, but also a puppeteer and animator. Here is a gorgeous stop animation film she created, “Pilgrim, Your Heart Is a Ball of Light,” filled with lots of winged creatures, so you know we at For The Birds are loving it:

Pilgrim, Your Heart is a Ball of Light from Molly Allis on Vimeo.

You can also check out Molly’s other awesome creations and doings at her websiteblog or Facebook!

Monday updates!

We have a couple items to post this morning, one of which is that Hollaback! launches their site in ten cities today at ihollaback.org. Hollaback! combats street harassment via mobile technology and now has blogs for multiple cities all on their website.  They are currently recruiting more activists for the next launch in April.  Check out ihollaback.org for more info!

We are also going to be tabling on Sunday, February 6 at Sound Wave, the first of a feminist performance series presented by Permanent Wave at Death by Audio.  There will be music, poetry and art, along with other groups tabling as well.

This is a benefit for the Center Against Domestic Violence in Brooklyn, and the theme of the event is Relationship Violence. Both showgoers and performers will have a chance to engage in activities relating to awareness and activism!

You can find out more about the event and performers at the Facebook invite, by clicking on the flyer below!



If you’ve been directed here by the article in BUST magazine, hello! The Anti-Valentine’s Day Riot Grrrl Cover Show IS NOT presented by For the Birds Collective. The Anti-V-Day Show was established by Mel Elberg, Amelia Jackie, Elise Kauffman, and Sarah Rose Janko at the 1087 Loft in Brooklyn. Organized in 2009 by Kathi Ko and then in 2010 by Carolanne Marcantonio, the show is co-presented in 2011 by Ms. Ko & Ms. Marcantonio. The Anti-V-Day Show is, and has been, an annual celebration of women musicians & queer-love (and against Valentine’s Day)!

In 2009, Kathi Ko & For the Birds Collective co-released Gimme Cooties (a compilation CD and tape) at the Anti-V-Day show, documenting women-fronted bands in the New York scene & surrounding area. This year, the show will benefit CYCLE, an all-women run bicycle shop that is in its forming stages.

For the Birds has tabled the Anti-V-Day show every year, and we are honored to be a part of this great event again in 2011. Please attend and support Kathi & Carolanne’s efforts! We’ll be there behind our distro table, as always.


Organized by Carolanne and Kathi
Monday Feb 14th at Death By Audio
Doors open at 6:30pm

X-Ray Spex,
Team Dresch,
Limp Wrist,
Bikini Kill

Tabling by:
Wardrobe Boutique
For The Birds Collective
Kellys baked goods and fashions
Support New York
Means Of Productions Printing