“Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind”–Book Launch this Saturday at Bluestockings!

A reading and interactive discussion featuring editors Vikki Law and China Martens, and  contributors Kathleen McIntyre, Cynthia Ann Schemmer, and Jennifer Silverman.

Saturday,  October 06, 2012, 7:00PM 
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street, New York City
F train to 2nd Avenue

Join us as we celebrate the publication of Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind!

How do we create new, non-hierarchical structures of support and mutual aid and include all ages in the struggle for social justice? “Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Supporting Families in Social Justice Movements & Communities” is a collection of concrete tips, suggestions, and narratives on ways that non-parents can support parents, children, and caregivers in their communities, social movements, and collective processes. Let’s build an all-ages, inclusive revolution that leaves no one behind.


From the Preface:
There are many books on parenting, but few on being a good community member and a good ally to parents, caregivers, and children as we collectively build a strong all-ages culture of resistance.  Any group of parents will tell you how hard their struggles are and how they are left out, but no book focuses on how allies can address issues of caretakers’ and children’s oppression.  Isolated by age within an individualistic, capitalist culture, many well-intentioned childless activists don’t interact with young people on a regular basis and don’t know how.  Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind provides them with the resources and support to get started.” (p. 4)

Vikki Law is a co-founder of Books Through Bars NYC, and the author of “Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women” and the zine “Tenacious: Art & Writings from Women in Prison.”   China Martens raised her daughter as a single mother on welfare and working poor while continuing to put out “The Future Generation,” the longest-running parenting zine in the history of the Western world.   Kathleen McIntyre edits “The Worst” zine on grief and loss, and for fun and survival, she is a member of the For the Birds feminist collective. Cynthia Ann Schemmer is a writer who recently moved to Philadelphia after not leaving New York for 28 years. She writes and produces the oral history print & audio zine “Habits of Being” and has been published in Connotation Press and RE/VISIONIST.   Jennifer Silverman is a NYC-based mama of two sons, an unrepentant coffee addict, and a co-editor of “My Baby Rides the Short Bus.”


Hope to see you there!