JUNE 2009 NEWS: THE BIG SHE-BANG IV! Show in July! Plus updates + more!

JUNE 2009

Hello birds and bird-watchers! Welcome to our semi-annual newsletter. We wanted to let you know what we’ve been doing and what we have up our sleeves for summer 2009!

First things first…

We are currently working on booking 2009’s THE BIG SHE-BANG IV!
We are planning and hoping to have the event on SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th, 2009. It usually begins around 9AM and can go until as late as midnight. We are looking at venues in LOWER MANHATTAN. Keep your eyes peeled for updates though, due to the scarcity of venues, the date may be subject to change.

In case you haven’t heard about it, The Big She Bang is an all-day event of workshops, panel discussions, visual art, and music by and for women and women-identified artists & community members. The Big She-Bang strives to cultivate a space for women to share creative endeavors, exchange ideas, and provide support in a safe and open-minded environment. It is a multimedia event that serves as a platform for women artists and activists. A typical She-Bang festival will include workshops and panel discussions on relevant community issues, live musical performances, an all-day art show and DIY flea market / craft fair. The event is always all ages, and everyone is welcome.

THIS YEAR, our theme is – A How-To Guide for D.I.Y. Feminism!
As a fairly new group, we have engaged in networking with other DIY feminist groups – as well as feminist authors, artists, and bands/musicians in this past year. We will be celebrating the DIY roots of other groups and artists in our New York feminist community, as well as offering workshops and panel discussions on the resources and tools that we have found helpful while forming our own collective. We will explore questions about how to better solidify this network, as well as how to acknowledge our differences while working together. Continuing to explore the themes we addressed in our workshop, Queer Eye for the DIY (more on that later), we will identify feminist groups past and present that have successfully “queered the queered,” and established safe spaces for feminist activists and artists – all while maintaining a more inclusive feminism. We want you to leave with the tools you need to start your own collective, we aim to provide you with the things feminists need in order to be empowered in their work, like self-defense, community, sexual assault & mental health resources. All this among simply showcasing the creative feminist community in New York.

SO PLEASE, if you are a woman-identified artist/music-maker (including full bands!)/writer/craftster/or feminist group, please apply to participate in THE BIG SHE-BANG! E-mail contact is preferred. We can be reached at: thebigshebang@gmail.com. More information on the event can be found here: http://myspace.com/thebig_shebang – PLEASE use the Big She-Bang e-mail address for Big She-Bang inquiries only. Thanks!

Now that we’ve dropped that bomb, we have some brand new additions to our distroBrainscan #21: “Irreconcilable Differences” by Alex Wrekk and JANE: Documents From Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973. New this month we got Nia ‘s Ungrateful Black-White Girl and The First 7-inch Was Better: How I Became an Ex-Punk. We also have two new posters from art-master Cristy Road.

We’re also organizing a show on July 11th for The Diamond Sea from Australia, Fleabag (previously Aye Nako, featured on The Big She-Bang compilation!), and Zombie Dogs (resident favorite all-girl hardcore band, featuring ex-members of Carnal Knowledge and Each Other’s Mothers), as well as Layers/Quake from Philly (members of Des Ark).

Thus far in 2009 we have made some serious strides. For the Birds authored a workshop entitled Queer Eye for the DIY, about maintaining an ever-present and more inclusive feminism, while staying true to our DIY roots. More info on that can be found on our website. We presented the workshop at the Visions in Feminism Conference in Washington, DC.

We also released the Gimme Cooties compilation (FTB-002) which is a pet project of Kathi K., an FTB member. Kathi also curated the Anti-Valentine’s Day Riot Grrrl Cover show which served as a release for this compilation – “18 live tracks of all-girl/girl fronted bands in Brooklyn + the surrounding East coast area. These tracks were recorded throughout 2008-9 in basements and all-ages/DIY spaces, and have been compiled to document a new wave of badass girls playing music and to reinforce the notion that the upkeep of grrrl punk love is contagious.” The compilation features: Carnal Knowledge (RIP), Cheeky, Bad Dates (RIP), Screaming Females, Witches, Trophy Wife, Each Other’s Mothers, The Homewreckers, and Handjobs.

Aside from that, two of our For the Birds members curated a collaborative art installation called LEAVE HOME, featuring Lauren Denitzio, Cristy Road, Kate Wadkins, and Tamara Waite-Santibañez. We tabled with our distro there, as well as at a few other art and music shows this year.
Feel free to contact us about any of the above information. We hope to see you at one of our events this summer!


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