Past For the Birds events, happenings, and news:

▶ July 2009: For the Birds Presents: The Diamond Sea, Fleabag, Layers/Quake, Zombie Dogs

▶ July 2009: The Big She-Bang IV Announcement & Call for Participation

▶ June 2009: THE BIG SHE-BANG IV! Show in July! Plus updates + more!

▶ March 2009: For the Birds presents their original workshop “Queer Eye for the DIY” at 2009’s Visions in Feminism Conference

▶ February 2009: For the Birds co-releases Gimme Cooties compilation at the Anti-Valentine’s Day Riot Grrrl Cover Show

▶ November 2008: For the Birds Presents: A Book Release Party for Cristy Road’s Bad Habits

▶ October 2008: The collective that brought you The Big She-Bang 3 is now known as FOR THE BIRDS.

▶ August 2008: I’ve Got a Proposition, Goes Something Like This: A Brief Herstory of The Big She-Bang by Beth Puma & Kate Wadkins

▶ July 2008: The Big She-Bang 3: Schedule & Itinerary

▶ July 2008-August 2009: A comprehensive archive of events