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OutHistory.org’s Black History Month Reading List

I’m reposting this from OutHistory.org, though it was sent to me by the NYU Gender & Sexuality Studies e-mail list. It’s a great resource if you don’t already subscribe, I highly suggest it for staying on top of a huge variety of critical race and gender lectures and events in the NYC area.

In addition to the recommended features listed below, be sure to search OutHistory.org for other “African American”, “Afro”, and “Black” history entries.

African American LGBTQ History Timeline: 19th Century

Bronzeville, Chicago

Cabello, Tristan. Queer Bronzeville : An Overview

Brown, Addie, and Rebecca Primus

Addie Brown and Rebecca Primus: “No kisses is like youres,” 1859-1868
The love letters of two 19th-century Black women.

Clay, James

See section on the murder of Clay in John D’Emilio: drag and street fairy life; Chicago, 1965-1970

Creoli, Jan

Sodomy case: Creoli executed; New Netherland, June 25, 1646

Equiano, Olaudah

Olaudah Equiano: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, 1789

Gunn, Sakia

Brief biography of the a fifteen-year-old Aggressive-identified African-American from Newark, New Jersey, who was fatally stabbed on the morning of May 11th, 2003.

Hansberry, Lorraine

Tristan Cabello: Lorraine Hansberry
Lorraine Hansberry: To “The Ladder,” May, August 1957

Harris, Sherry

“In 1991 I made history by becoming the first openly gay African American lesbian to be elected to public office in the country.”

Hines, Florence, Male Impersonator

Help OutHistory create a timeline and annotated bibliography on the life and career of this performer.

Holsaert, Faith S.: “Chosen Girl,” 2003

An evocative story about a young white girl’s perception of an interracial intimacy between her mother and a Black woman friend, set in Greenwich Village in the 1950s.

“Homosexuals being punished”: Canon City, Colorado, photograph, 1900-1910

Photoograph: Black men, in straw hats and perhaps in dresses, at the State Penitentiary in Canon City, Colorado, push wheelbarrows, each with a large rock. Continue reading